CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! Like grandma used to make. 

Welcome back to Valencia! 

Make an old time favorite of all children and make a new friend. 

Join us for a gathering, cookie making (and eating), drinking and chatting. 

Lean In Valencia is a group for both local and international women in Valencia who want to make new friends and network with like-minded people. Maybe you are new to Valencia, want to see some friendly faces and meet others in the same situation. Or you are from Valencia and want to get to know women from different backgrounds and countries, while practicing your English.

The meetups are held in English, but most attendees speak at least some Spanish so don't worry about your level of English. We also try to help each other finding job opportunities here in Valencia. We will organize a wide range of events and it would be great to see you at one of our meetups!

Thursday October 26


10 € Includes recipes, cooking and one drink