Sarah Pace holds a Masters in Arts Administration, a BA in Fine Arts and a BA in Creative Writing. Over the last 15 years, she has worked in the production field; producing interactive art and technology events and festivals, as well as experimental films. Sarah has worked closely with the Executive Director of Farm Aid on a variety of projects. She has consulted for musicians, DJs, film-makers, writers, chefs, visual and performance artists and collectives, and not-for-profit organizations to develop strategic plans for sustainability. She’s provided production support for artists and collectives in the United States, Europe and Canada. In 2008, Sarah was recognized by the New York Foundation for the Arts as a Leader in the Arts. Sarah maintains strong ties to both the Boston and New York arts communities.

In 2007, Sarah began assisting at the Natural Gourmet School in New York City, developing close relationships with some of New York’s best culinary teachers and chefs. She has worked extensively with Chef Fran Costigan on vegan baking workshops and with Chef Peter Berley on seasonal and organic culinary workshops. In 2008, Sarah incorporated as a small catering company and began working with artists and galleries, only later to take on clients such as National Geographic and MTV. In 2009 Sarah and friend, Chef Suzanne Barr, began an interactive multimedia, monthly supper club called “The New Deal,” which combined all of her interests; performance, music, and activism around the dinner table. “The New Deal” received praise from the Wall Street Journal and various web-based media outlets such as Flavorpill NYC, The Daily Green, Blue Planet Green Living.

Sarah has developed menus for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and raw diets, as well a using seasonal produce, while incorporating international flavors into her menus.

Sarah was elected to the board of Slow Food NYC in 2010 and began working with public schools in New York City to develop courses on food and nutrition as well as providing teachers with mobile kitchens and outdoor space to create urban gardens.

In 2012, she married into a Spanish family and moved permanently to Valencia.

Sarah, originally from Brooklyn, returns every year and continues her involvement in the arts and food activism.